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The Mobility Support Harness by Bold Lead Designs delivers on quality, comfort and reliability for you and your hard working Service Dog.  Fully custom fitted with a rigid metal support handle, this harness provides vertical stability support for you while being comfortable for your dog. It’s a win, win! 




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Bold Lead Designs specialty service dog harness is designed to provide balance and stability support for people with balance or mobility impairments, as well as for anyone needing good communication and contact with their service dog. We have designed this harness with the dog’s physical structure and movement in mind, and then added features to make it user-friendly and truly accessible. 


Guided by a veterinary orthopedic surgeon, canine sports medicine experts, and canine physical therapists, Bold Lead Designs unique harness design allows the dog to move, breathe, and work with minimal impact from the equipment. Weight and pressure are properly distributed across the dog’s body for optimal performance of physical assistance tasks. Similar to a horse saddle, this harness sits just behind the withers (or shoulders), around the dog’s center of gravity. When fitted properly, this harness does not wobble, shift, pinch or rub the dog. It is lightweight, sturdy, and very comfortable.


Proper fit is assured by our Great Fit Guarantee. Our famous Lifetime Warranty, plus BLD’s excellent customer support, is standard with everything we make in our workshop. See details on p.18 or on our website.




– Custom made leather harness

– Rigid metal Support Handle provides vertical stability support

– Rigid support handle is adjustable and folds down

– Secure support with no slipping or shifting

– Excellent communication between dog and partner

– Proper weight distribution for dog’s anatomy–does not pinch or rub

– Lightweight, comfortable, flexible

– Easy to put on and take off with quick release clasps

– Custom made to fit both you & your dog

– Guaranteed fit and lifetime customer support

– This harness is simply the best balance/mobility/support harness available!




Before purchasing a mobility harness, consult your medical doctor and your dog’s veterinarian to determine whether the product is appropriate for your needs and your dog’s safety. 


For your dog’s safety, never apply your full weight to a mobility harness.


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